A question that pops up from time to time is "Why do you have individuals in your database that are not directly related to you or your wife. The reason is simple - At least part of the information I have on some of our direct relatives was obtained through coming in the back door. Virturely every individual in the database is connected and it does help others locate their relatives as evidenced by the following e-mail I received 08 November, 1998.

Mr. Zorger,

Sometime ago, I gave you my line back to Thomas & Alice in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

I just wanted to let you know because of your posting my info, a father and daughter have been reunited (via email, so far) this weekend after 30 years!!! They are both overjoyed!! The daughter went looking for family and was shocked to see that just, maybe, her father was still alive. Her mother had implied to her that the father had passed many years ago!

My father, Albert H., passed this June 4, 1998. Again because of your pages, a nephew and 2 great nephews, got to visit just a month before he passed. The nephew we hadn't seen in over 40 years! This has been one heck of a year around here.

Thanks so much for posting my lines. I was only hoping, at the time I sent you the info, that the two great nephews would get in touch because they were all my father asked about. When his nephew came forward, he couldn't/wouldn't believe I had really found the nephew until they see each other just a month before he passed. Indirectly you made my father's last days truly a joy! The visit by the nephew was all he talked of!

Thank you from deep within me. I know my Dad is smiling with the events of this past weekend.


Just knowing that having Our Ancestry on-line helped in so many ways made me realize its importance.

The information that is maintained in this database is, for the most part, a matter of Public Record. I have fought over the years because some people object to seeing their name here. I have taken this into consideration and have removed the birth dates of any living individual born after the 1940 census. DON'T ASK to have your name removed as somewhere someone has provided it to me. It could have been a parent, an aunt or uncle, a sibling, a son or daughter, a cousin, or even your spouse.

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